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We are the East Coast premier water transfer imaging facility serving the outdoor industry. 

Water Transfer Printing ( Hydroimaging, Camo Dipping, 3D dipping) is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialized film printed with various images which include various varieties of camouflage, carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, granite, marble, burlwood and many more designs to decorate nearly any surface. Fire arms, archery equipment,wildlife skulls, automobile interiors, handles, switches and many daily applications lend themselves to the dipping process. Water Transfer Printing can be applied to  materials such as plastics, metals, wood, etc and is able to coat complex three dimensional shapes with very high quality. It creates new color and appearance on the printed product and enhances its value.

With over 100 different patterns available for your outdoor equipment, automotive parts, ATV parts, taxidermy needs and any other ideas you can come up with HYDROFX is your source for all your needs.  Please feel free to email or give us a call with any questions.

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